What Channel is FS1 on Spectrum TV?

According to official government data, staying informed about the channels available through your Spectrum TV subscription is essential.

Fox Sports 1 (FS1) is a prominent sports channel under the Fox network that offers a wide range of sports-related content.

Finding FS1 on Spectrum TV, understanding what FS1 is, and accessing its channel is crucial to sports enthusiasts.

This guide aims to explore the Spectrum FS1 channel, explain what FS1 is, how to access it, and what content viewers can expect from this sports network.

Channel Location and Accessing FS1 on Spectrum

Understanding FS1 on Spectrum

Position in Channel Lineup: FS1, a part of the Fox Sports network, is often placed within the sports channel category on Spectrum TV. Its channel number may vary based on the package and location.

Inclusion in Spectrum Packages: FS1 is typically part of various Spectrum TV packages that offer sports content. The channel is available in both standard and high-definition formats.

What is FS1?

Sports-Oriented Network: FS1, launched in 2013, is a sports channel featuring live events, news, analysis, and original programming. It covers a wide array of sports, including basketball, baseball, soccer, mixed martial arts, and more.

Fox Sports Network: As part of the Fox Sports Network, FS1 serves as a direct competitor to ESPN and airs a variety of live sports events and sports-related shows.

How to Access FS1 on Spectrum

Channel Guide Navigation: Using the Spectrum channel guide or on-screen navigation, explore the sports category or specifically search for FS1 to locate the channel number.

Online Resources: Spectrum’s online platform and customer service can provide information about the channel number for FS1, based on your subscription and location.

What Content Can You Expect on FS1?

Sports Programming on FS1

Live Events: FS1 broadcasts live sports events, including NASCAR, Major League Baseball, college sports, UFC matches, and soccer leagues, among others.

Original Shows: The network offers original sports-centric shows, analysis, commentary, and debate programs covering various sports and athletes.

Spectrum FS1 Channel List

Channel Number Variations: The specific channel number for FS1 on Spectrum can differ by location and the subscribed package. Below is a general representation based on different regions:

Matrix: Spectrum TV FS1 Channel Numbers


Region FS1 Channel Number

(Standard Definition)

FS1 Channel Number 

(High Definition)

East Coast



West Coast







Explaining Access to FS1 on Spectrum

Finding FS1 on Spectrum

Channel Categories: Navigate through the sports category or use the search function in the Spectrum guide to locate FS1.

Discovering FS1 Content

Sports Variety: FS1 covers a wide range of sports events, ensuring viewers have access to various live matches and sports-related programming.



Locating FS1 on Spectrum involves exploring the channel guide, understanding what FS1 offers, and recognizing the wide range of sports programming available on this channel.

FS1, as part of the Fox Sports network, provides live sports events, original shows, and a diverse array of sports content, making it an essential channel for sports enthusiasts.

Utilizing the channel guide, and online resources, and understanding FS1’s content helps viewers enjoy their favourite sports programming on Spectrum.

In summary, FS1’s availability on Spectrum, along with its diverse sports programming, positions it as a significant channel for sports lovers.

With the right tools and information, accessing FS1 becomes convenient for Spectrum subscribers, ensuring they don’t miss out on their preferred sports content.

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