How to Download, Install & Use Apollo Group TV on Firestick

Apollo Group TV offers a diverse array of entertainment, consolidating various shows, movies, and live TV into a single, easily accessible app.

Designed for Firestick and other devices, it simplifies your entertainment choices by bringing a multitude of TV channels, movies, series, and live content together.

However, exploring and utilizing such apps requires a careful approach due to potential legal and security considerations.

What Is Apollo Group TV?

Apollo Group TV is an app that lets you watch various kinds of shows, movies, and live TV on your Firestick or other devices.

It’s like having a bunch of TV channels and movies all in one place that you can watch whenever you want. You can find different types of content, from movies to TV series, and even live TV channels, giving you lots of options for entertainment.

Just download the app, find what you want to watch, and start enjoying your favorite shows and movies!

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How to Download Apollo Group TV on Firestick

Step 1: Prepare Firestick Settings

  • Turn on your Firestick and go to “Settings.”
  • Choose “My Fire TV” or “Device.”
  • Select “Developer Options.”
  • Enable “Apps from Unknown Sources.”

Step 2: Get the Downloader App

  • Go to the Firestick home screen.
  • Search for “Downloader” in the search bar.
  • Select the Downloader app and click “Download” or “Get.”

Step 3: Allow Permissions

  • Open the Downloader app.
  • It may ask for permission to access files. Click “Allow” or “OK.”

Step 4: Enter the Apollo Group TV URL: In the Downloader app, enter the URL where you can find the Apollo Group TV app.

Step 5: Download Apollo Group TV

  • Once you’ve entered the URL, select “Go” or “Download.”
  • The Apollo Group TV app file (APK) will start downloading.

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How to Install Apollo Group TV on Firestick

Step 1: Open the APK File: Once the Apollo Group TV APK is downloaded, select “Install” when prompted.

Step 2: Wait for Installation: The installation process will begin. Wait for it to finish.

Step 3: Complete Installation

  • After installation, select “Done” or “Open” to launch the Apollo Group TV app.

Using Apollo Group TV on Firestick

Step 1: Launch Apollo Group TV

  • From the Firestick home screen, go to “Your Apps & Channels.”
  • Find and open the Apollo Group TV app.

Step 2: Explore Content: Browse through the different categories such as movies, TV shows, or live TV available in the app.

Step 3: Select and Watch: Choose the content you want to watch and click on it to start streaming.

Step 4: Adjust Settings (if needed): Check for any settings within the app to personalize your viewing experience.

Step 5: Exit Apollo Group TV: Use the Firestick remote to exit the app and return to the Firestick menu.

Important Note:

  • Ensure the source from which you download the Apollo Group TV APK is trustworthy to avoid any potential security risks.
  • Using third-party apps like Apollo Group TV might have legal implications, so ensure you use it in line with the laws and regulations in your area.

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Is Apollo Group TV IPTV Safe & Legal?

The safety and legality of Apollo Group TV IPTV can vary, and it’s essential to consider a few factors.


1. Source of Download: If you download Apollo Group TV IPTV from a reputable and trustworthy source, it is generally considered safe. However, downloading from unofficial or suspicious websites can pose security risks.

2. Security Concerns: IPTV services might not always adhere to the same security standards as mainstream apps. Be cautious about providing personal information or accessing unknown sources within the app.


1. Content Ownership: Some IPTV services, including Apollo Group TV, may provide access to copyrighted content without proper licensing. This raises legal concerns as it infringes on the rights of content creators and distributors.

2. Laws and Regulations: The legality of IPTV services varies by region and country. In some places, using IPTV services without proper licensing or permissions may be against the law.

3. Third-Party Apps: Third-party apps like Apollo Group TV often operate in a legal gray area. While the app itself may not be illegal, the content it provides access to may depend on copyright and distribution laws.


1. Research and Caution: Before using any IPTV service, including Apollo Group TV, research its reputation and legality. Ensure you are downloading it from a secure source.

2. Official Streaming Services: Consider using official and legal streaming services that have the proper licensing agreements. This guarantees access to content legally and supports content creators.

3. Legal Consequences: Understand that using unauthorized IPTV services may lead to legal consequences, including fines or other penalties, depending on your location.

Apollo Group TV IPTV Overview

1. What is Apollo Group TV IPTV?

Apollo Group TV is a streaming service that offers access to a wide range of TV channels, movies, and on-demand content via the internet.

2. Content Available: Apollo Group TV provides various channels, including live TV, sports, movies, TV shows, and international content.

3. Compatibility: It is compatible with different devices like Firestick, Android TV boxes, smartphones, tablets, and computers.

4. User Interface: The service usually offers an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to navigate through channels and content categories effortlessly.

Apollo Group TV IPTV Plans and Pricing

Apollo Group TV may offer different subscription plans with varied features and pricing options.

1. Pricing Structure:

  • Pricing can range based on the duration of the subscription (monthly, quarterly, or annually).
  • Prices can also differ based on the number of channels or additional features offered within each plan.

2. Free Trial or Trial Period: Some IPTV services, including Apollo Group TV, might provide a free trial period for users to test the service before committing to a subscription.

3. Support and Customer Service: It may offer customer support for troubleshooting and assistance with subscription-related queries.

Important Note:

  • The exact plans, pricing, and features of Apollo Group TV IPTV can change over time, so it’s essential to check their official website or contact customer support for the most current information.
  • Before subscribing to any IPTV service, ensure it aligns with your preferences, and be cautious of unauthorized or suspicious sources that might offer the service


Apollo Group TV brings convenience and versatility by amalgamating entertainment options into one platform. While it offers a world of content at your fingertips, it’s essential to navigate this app cautiously, considering potential legal implications and ensuring safety when downloading.

By understanding its functionality and being mindful of legal and security aspects, users can enjoy the diverse content offered by Apollo Group TV while staying compliant with regulations and safeguarding their devices.


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