What Channel Is ESPN on DirecTV | DirecTV ESPN Channel List

Sports enthusiasts tuned into DirecTV often wonder, “What channel is ESPN on DirecTV?” DirecTV, known for its diverse range of programming, offers several ESPN channels that cater to different sports genres. E

ESPN channels, spanning from the flagship ESPN to ESPN2, ESPN News, and others, bring an array of live games, sports analysis, news, and original ESPN programming into your living room.

In this guide, we’ll explore the lineup of ESPN channels available on DirecTV, shedding light on their significance for sports fans across various locations and packages.

DirecTV ESPN Channel Guide

MLB Network
Location Channel Location Channel
ESPN 206, 209-1, 1206 ESPN Deportes 466, 1432
ESPN2 209, 209-2 ESPN Classic 614
ESPN News 207 ESPN College Extra 788-798
ESPNU 208, 1208

The Main ESPN Channel On Directv

Location Channel Location Channel
Birmingham 206, 209-1, 1206 Baltimore 206, 209-1, 1206
Little Rock 206, 209-1, 1206 Detroit 206, 209-1, 1206
Phoenix 206, 209-1, 1206 Minneapolis 206, 209-1, 1206
Yuma 206, 209-1, 1206 St. Louis 206, 209-1, 1206
Los Angeles 206, 209-1, 1206 Charlotte 206, 209-1, 1206
San Francisco 206, 209-1, 1206 Omaha 206, 209-1, 1206
Bakersfield 206, 209-1, 1206 Albuquerque 206, 209-1, 1206
San Diego 206, 209-1, 1206 Las Vegas 206, 209-1, 1206
Fresno 206, 209-1, 1206 New York 206, 209-1, 1206
Sacramento 206, 209-1, 1206 Columbus 206, 209-1, 1206
Colorado Springs 206, 209-1, 1206 Oklahoma City 206, 209-1, 1206
Denver 206, 209-1, 1206 Portland 206, 209-1, 1206
Washington DC 206, 209-1, 1206 Philadelphia 206, 209-1, 1206
Jacksonville 206, 209-1, 1206 Nashville 206, 209-1, 1206
Fort Worth 206, 209-1, 1206 Memphis 206, 209-1, 1206
Miami 206, 209-1, 1206 El Paso 206, 209-1, 1206
Orlando 206, 209-1, 1206 Houston 206, 209-1, 1206
Tampa 206, 209-1, 1206 Brownsville 206, 209-1, 1206
Atlanta 206, 209-1, 1206 Dallas 206, 209-1, 1206
Honolulu 206, 209-1, 1206 San Antonio 206, 209-1, 1206
Chicago 206, 209-1, 1206 Austin 206, 209-1, 1206
Kansas City 206, 209-1, 1206 Norfolk 206, 209-1, 1206
Louisville 206, 209-1, 1206 Seattle 206, 209-1, 1206
New Orleans 206, 209-1, 1206 Boston 206, 209-1, 1206

ESPN Channels Available on DirecTV

DirecTV, a leading satellite television provider, offers several ESPN channels as part of its programming lineup. These channels cater to different sports genres, ensuring a diverse range of content for sports enthusiasts. While the exact channel numbers may vary based on your location and subscription package, here’s a comprehensive list of ESPN channels commonly available on DirecTV:

ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network)

This is the primary ESPN channel known for its flagship sports coverage, including major sporting events, live games, analysis, and ESPN original programming. It’s typically among the lower channel numbers.


ESPN’s secondary channel, ESPN2, focuses on a wide range of sports, including live event coverage, talk shows, analysis, and specialty programming. It’s often found near ESPN in the channel lineup.


ESPN News provides sports news, highlights, analysis, and updates, offering breaking news from the sports world. It’s an information-focused channel available for sports news enthusiasts.


Geared toward college sports, ESPN U features live college sports events, including football, basketball, and other collegiate competitions. It often broadcasts games from various NCAA sports.


Similar to ESPN U, ESPNU primarily focuses on college sports, broadcasting live games, analysis, and content related to NCAA competitions.

ESPN Deportes

Catering to Spanish-speaking viewers, ESPN Deportes offers sports content in Spanish, including live sports events, news, and analysis.

Importance of ESPN Channels

ESPN channels cater to a wide range of sports fans, providing live coverage, news, analysis, and original programming across various sports leagues, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, soccer, and more. These channels serve as a hub for sports enthusiasts to stay updated on their favorite sports, teams, and athletes.

In conclusion, ESPN channels available on DirecTV offer a comprehensive sports viewing experience, covering diverse sports genres and providing content that appeals to sports fans of all types.

How to Find Alternate ESPN Channels on DirecTV

If the primary ESPN channel isn’t available or you’re looking for specific ESPN content:

Navigate DirecTV Guide

Use your DirecTV remote and guide to scroll through the channel listings.

Look for ESPN Variants

ESPN offers various channels like ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPN U, and ESPN Deportes. Navigate through these alternate channels to find specific sports events or analyses.

Use the Search Function

If you’re looking for a particular sports event or show, utilize the search function on the on-screen guide to find it across ESPN channels.

Check Programming Schedule

Look at the programming schedule provided by DirecTV to find upcoming ESPN content on alternate channels.

How to Stream ESPN on PC and Smartphone Device?

Streaming ESPN on your PC or smartphone is a straightforward process:

  • Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Search for the ESPN app and download it.
  • Install the app and log in with your TV provider or ESPN Plus subscription details.
  • Use your streaming service credentials (Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, Fubo TV) to access live content.

How to Download Sports Videos and Watch ESPN Offline?

To watch ESPN offline, use the StreamGaGa ESPN Plus Video Downloader

  • Download and install the StreamGaGa downloader on your PC.
  • Navigate to ESPN Plus in the VIP Services section.
  • Choose the video, select audio files and subtitles, then click “Download Now.”

Which Devices Is ESPN Plus Supported On?

ESPN Plus is compatible with various devices, making it accessible across multiple platforms:

Smart TVs:

Many smart TV models support the ESPN app, allowing easy access to ESPN Plus content directly on your television.

Streaming Media Players:

Devices like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast offer apps that support ESPN Plus streaming.

Gaming Consoles:

PlayStation and Xbox consoles have the ESPN app available for ESPN Plus streaming.

Web Browsers:

ESPN Plus content can be accessed through web browsers on computers and laptops.

Mobile Devices:

ESPN Plus is supported on iOS and Android devices through the ESPN app.

What Does the ESPN Plus Streaming Service Include?

ESPN Plus is a streaming service that offers a diverse range of sports content and exclusive programming beyond what’s available on traditional ESPN channels. Here’s what ESPN Plus includes:

Exclusive Live Sports:

ESPN Plus broadcasts live sports events from various leagues like UFC, MLS, NHL, MLB, and more. These are events not typically shown on regular ESPN channels.

Original Shows and Documentaries:

Exclusive ESPN original programming includes shows, documentaries, and series that delve into in-depth sports stories, personalities, and analysis.

On-Demand Library:

Access to a vast library of on-demand sports content, replays, and exclusive series, gives viewers the flexibility to watch content at their convenience.

How to Find ESPN on Specific DirecTV Packages

Different DirecTV packages may have variations in channel lineups. To find ESPN on your specific DirecTV package:

  • Refer to the DirecTV channel guide.
  • Search for the ESPN channels (206, 209-1, 1206) based on your package.
  • Contact DirecTV customer service for assistance if needed.

DirecTV Packages Overview


This package includes a range of channels covering various genres such as news, family entertainment, lifestyle, and sports. It offers over 160 channels, including ESPN, CNN, Disney Channel, and more.

CHOICE Package:

The CHOICE package expands on the Entertainment package, providing access to over 185 channels. It includes regional sports networks and additional movie channels like FXM and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.


The ULTIMATE package offers over 250 channels, including premium movie networks like HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax. It also includes additional sports networks and niche channels for diverse entertainment options.

PREMIER Package:

This is DirecTV’s most comprehensive package, offering over 330 channels, including all premium movie channels and exclusive sports networks such as NFL Sunday Ticket. It’s a premium package that encompasses a wide array of entertainment choices.

Additional Information

Sports Packages:

DirecTV offers sports-centric add-ons, like NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, and MLB Extra Innings, allowing access to out-of-market games and comprehensive sports coverage.

Specialty Add-ons:

DirecTV provides various add-on options for international programming, premium movie channels, and specialized content like Spanish-language packages or adult programming.

On-Demand and Streaming:

Most packages include access to DirecTV’s on-demand library and streaming capabilities, enabling subscribers to watch content on multiple devices.


The range of ESPN channels on DirecTV offers a comprehensive sports viewing experience, ensuring fans catch every game, analysis, and sports news they crave.

From the primary ESPN channel, which is typically found among the lower channel numbers, to the alternate ESPN variants, DirecTV caters to sports enthusiasts nationwide.

ESPN channels aren’t just about live games; they’re a hub for sports analysis, news updates, and engaging original content.

Whether you’re in Los Angeles or Miami, ESPN channels on DirecTV aim to bring the thrill of sports right to your fingertips, serving as the ultimate destination for sports aficionados.

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FAQs: ESPN on DirecTV

Q1: What channel is ESPN on DirecTV?

A: ESPN is commonly found on channels 206, 209-1, or 1206 on DirecTV. However, channel numbers may vary based on your location and subscription package.

Q2: How can I access ESPN channels on DirecTV?

A: Use your DirecTV guide or remote to navigate through the channel lineup. Look for ESPN channels listed in the sports or entertainment sections.

Q3: Are there alternate ESPN channels on DirecTV?

A: Yes, DirecTV offers ESPN variants like ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPN U, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN Classic. These channels provide different sports content and analysis.

Q4: What DirecTV packages include ESPN channels?

A: ESPN channels are available across various DirecTV packages, including ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER. Check specific package details for channel availability.

Q5: Can I watch ESPN on my PC or smartphone with DirecTV?

A: You can stream ESPN content on your PC or smartphone by downloading the ESPN app and logging in with your DirecTV subscription credentials.

Q6: Is ESPN Plus available through DirecTV?

A: ESPN Plus is a separate streaming service not directly available through DirecTV. It requires a separate subscription and offers exclusive content beyond traditional ESPN channels.

Q7: How can I find ESPN channels on specific DirecTV packages?

A: Refer to the DirecTV channel guide or contact customer service for details on ESPN channel availability in your specific package.

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