What Channel is ESPN Plus on DirecTV: Easy Steps Guide

ESPN Plus, a pioneering streaming service by ESPN, revolutionizes sports entertainment with its diverse offerings. This subscription-based platform ventures beyond the boundaries of traditional TV channels, delivering live sports, exclusive shows, documentaries, and more through an app-based framework.

Unlike typical DirecTV channels, ESPN Plus thrives as an immersive digital sports hub, accessed via various devices. Exploring its multifaceted features and understanding its unique accessibility on DirecTV is pivotal for sports enthusiasts seeking an enriched viewing experience.

Let’s embark on an exploration of ESPN Plus, discovering how to access this dynamic sports realm in the comfort of your living room.

What Is ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus often stylized as ESPN+, is a subscription-based streaming service curated by ESPN, offering a diverse array of live sports, original shows, exclusive content, documentaries, and more. Unlike traditional TV channels, ESPN Plus is an app-based service accessible through various platforms and devices, providing sports enthusiasts with an expanded range of content beyond what’s available on ESPN’s main networks.

Features of ESPN Plus:

  1. Live Sports: ESPN Plus streams live sporting events covering a wide spectrum of sports, including UFC, MLS, NHL, MLB, boxing, tennis, college sports, and more.
  2. Original Content: Exclusive shows, documentaries, analysis, and studio programming tailored for sports fans.
  3. Archived Content: Access to a vast library of on-demand content, replays, highlights, and classic games across multiple sports.
  4. Ad-Free Options: In certain cases, subscribers have access to ad-free streaming for certain content.

While ESPN Plus offers a robust sports-centric streaming experience, it doesn’t function as a traditional TV channel on platforms like DirecTV.

What Channel Is ESPN Plus on DirecTV?

ESPN Plus does not operate as a specific channel on DirecTV’s channel lineup. Rather, it’s an app-based service that subscribers can access through compatible devices like streaming media players, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and the ESPN app itself.

To enjoy ESPN Plus content via DirecTV, users typically need to access the ESPN app on their chosen device and log in with their ESPN Plus subscription credentials.

How To Watch ESPN Plus On Your TV?

Understanding ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus, a subscription-based streaming service, offers exclusive sports content, live events, and original programming. It is not accessible through a specific channel on DirecTV but can be accessed through alternative means.

ESPN Plus: Accessing Via DirecTV

Unlike traditional channels on DirecTV, ESPN Plus is not available via a dedicated channel number. Instead, it’s accessed through the ESPN app or compatible devices connected to your TV.

ESPN Plus: Streaming Options

To access ESPN Plus on your TV via DirecTV, follow these steps:

1. Check Subscription Compatibility: Ensure your DirecTV subscription supports ESPN content. ESPN Plus might be accessible through add-on subscriptions or via the ESPN app.

2. Using the ESPN App: If your subscription includes ESPN Plus, install the ESPN app on your smart TV or streaming device. Log in using your DirecTV credentials to access ESPN Plus content.

3. Navigating the ESPN App: Once logged in, navigate through the ESPN app to access ESPN Plus content. Browse live games, exclusive shows, or on-demand sports content available through the service.

4. Alternative Devices: If your TV doesn’t support the ESPN app directly, consider using streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, or Apple TV. Install the ESPN app on these devices and log in with your DirecTV credentials to watch ESPN Plus content on your TV.

DirecTV’s ESPN Channel

Though ESPN Plus isn’t accessible via a traditional channel on DirecTV, the regular ESPN channels (such as ESPN, ESPN2, etc.) might be included in your DirecTV package. These channels broadcast standard ESPN content and select live events but do not directly offer ESPN Plus content.

Troubleshooting ESPN Plus Access

If you face difficulties accessing ESPN Plus on your TV through DirecTV:

  • Check your subscription details to ensure ESPN Plus is included.
  • Ensure your streaming device or smart TV is compatible with the ESPN app.
  • Contact DirecTV customer service for assistance in accessing ESPN Plus content.

How Much Does ESPN Plus Cost?

  1. Subscription Plans: Exploring the different subscription plans offered by ESPN Plus, detailing the costs, and the features included in each tier.
  2. Monthly and Annual Pricing: Breaking down the monthly and annual pricing options available for ESPN Plus subscriptions and highlighting any cost variances.
  3. Bundled Offers and Discounts: Highlight any bundled offers or discounts occasionally provided by ESPN Plus, such as combined subscriptions with other services or promotional pricing.
  4. Additional Expenses: Addressing any additional expenses that might be associated with ESPN Plus subscriptions, such as pay-per-view events or add-on content.

How Can I Get ESPN+ For Free?

1. Free Trial Offer: Detailing any ongoing or periodic free trial offers provided by ESPN Plus, explaining the duration and terms of the trial.

2. Bundled Services or Packages: Exploring potential bundled packages or services that might include ESPN Plus for free or at a reduced cost.

3. Promotional Deals: Highlight any promotional deals or partnerships that periodically offer ESPN Plus for free as part of a promotion or limited-time offer.

4. Special Offers from Providers: Detailing any special offers or partnerships with internet service providers or other entities that occasionally offer ESPN Plus for free or at a discounted rate.


The evolution of sports entertainment arrives with ESPN Plus, a streaming service teeming with live events, original shows, and a treasure trove of archived content. While it’s not a traditional DirecTV channel, accessing ESPN Plus on your TV involves navigating through the ESPN app or compatible devices linked to your television.

However, if ESPN Plus access becomes challenging, ensure your DirecTV subscription supports ESPN content, explore alternative devices, or contact customer service for guidance.

Remember, ESPN Plus offers a distinct range of sports entertainment through the ESPN app on compatible devices linked to your TV, elevating the way you experience sports content.

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