What Channel Is The Cowboys Game On Spectrum

As a dedicated fan of the Dallas Cowboys, staying tuned in to their games is essential for an immersive and thrilling experience. Knowing the Spectrum channel for the Cowboys game is crucial, and this guide is designed to walk you through the steps to find it seamlessly.

From checking the game schedule to navigating Spectrum’s channel guide and utilizing online resources, you’ll be well-equipped to catch every touchdown and tackle.

Additionally, we’ll explore ways to watch the Dallas Cowboys for free, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the action while staying budget-friendly.

Let’s dive into the details and make sure you’re ready for the next Cowboys game day!

Importance of Knowing the Channel

Understanding the channel number for the Dallas Cowboys game is crucial to ensure you don’t miss out on the game-day action. Whether it’s a regular-season showdown or a crucial playoff game, knowing where to find the game ensures you can enjoy the thrilling moments without any confusion.

Steps to Find the Dallas Cowboys Game on Spectrum

Check the Game Schedule

The journey to finding the Dallas Cowboys game on Spectrum begins with checking the game schedule. This is a fundamental step to ensure you don’t miss the kickoff. To access the game schedule, there are various reliable sources to explore:

Official NFL Website:

The National Football League (NFL) website is a go-to platform for detailed game schedules. It’s the primary source for official NFL information, including game dates, times, opponents, and venues. Navigate to the NFL website (nfl.com) and look for the ‘Schedule’ or ‘Games’ section. Here, you can find the Dallas Cowboys’ game schedule for the entire season.

Dallas Cowboys Official Website:

For fans seeking information straight from the source, the Dallas Cowboys’ official website is a valuable resource. Visit the team’s website (dallascowboys.com) and check the ‘Schedule’ or ‘Games’ section. This will provide a comprehensive overview of the Cowboys’ game schedule, including all the important details.

Reliable Sports Platforms:

In addition to official sources, several reliable sports platforms provide up-to-date NFL game schedules. Websites like ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, and Fox Sports are known for their extensive coverage of NFL games. You can find detailed schedules, including information about Dallas Cowboys games, on these platforms.

By checking the game schedule on these platforms, you’ll be well-informed about when the Dallas Cowboys are playing, who their opponents are, and whether the game is a home or away match.

Access the Spectrum Channel Guide

Once you have the game schedule in hand, it’s time to move on to the next step: accessing the Spectrum channel guide. This is where you’ll find the channel that’s broadcasting the Dallas Cowboys game. Here’s how to do it:

Spectrum Remote:

Grab your Spectrum remote control. It’s your gateway to accessing the channel guide. Ensure that your television and Spectrum receiver are powered on.

Guide Button:

On your Spectrum remote, you’ll find a “Guide” button. Press this button to open the on-screen channel guide. The guide typically displays a list of available channels and the programs currently airing.


Once the channel guide is displayed on your screen, you can navigate through it using the arrow buttons on your remote. The up and down arrows are particularly useful for scrolling through the list of channels.

Accessing the Spectrum channel guide is essential because it will give you insights into which channels are available in your subscription and, more importantly, which one is broadcasting the Dallas Cowboys game.

Explore Sports Channels

As you navigate through the on-screen channel guide, pay particular attention to sports-specific channels. The Dallas Cowboys games are usually broadcast on well-known sports networks. Here are some of the common sports channels where you’re likely to find NFL games, including those of the Dallas Cowboys:

ESPN: ESPN is a prominent sports network that airs a variety of sporting events, including NFL games. It’s often a hub for Monday Night Football and other NFL matchups.

CBS: CBS is one of the major networks that broadcast NFL games, particularly AFC matchups. You’ll often find Sunday afternoon games on CBS.

NBC: NBC is another major network known for its NFL coverage. It’s the home of Sunday Night Football, a highly anticipated prime-time NFL game.

FOX: FOX is a popular network for broadcasting NFL games, especially NFC matchups. Sunday afternoon games are frequently aired on FOX.

NFL Network: The NFL Network is dedicated exclusively to NFL content. It broadcasts various NFL games, including Thursday Night Football.

By exploring these sports channels in the Spectrum channel guide, you increase your chances of finding the Dallas Cowboys game. Keep an eye out for the game’s scheduled time and the corresponding channel.

Use the Search Function

In some cases, you may not immediately spot the Dallas Cowboys game while browsing the sports channels in the channel guide. If that happens, don’t worry; Spectrum provides a handy search function that can assist you in quickly locating the game’s channel. Here’s how to use it:

Search Button:

On your Spectrum remote, there should be a “Search” button. Press this button to access the search function.


Use relevant keywords in your search to pinpoint the Dallas Cowboys game. You can try keywords like “Dallas Cowboys,” “NFL,” or even the name of the opposing team. This search will help you find the game and the channel it’s being broadcast on.

By utilizing the search function, you can save time and effortlessly find the Dallas Cowboys game without manually scrolling through the channel guide.

Utilize Spectrum’s Online Resources

Spectrum offers online resources that can be incredibly useful in your quest to find the Dallas Cowboys game channel. These resources include the Spectrum website and the Spectrum TV app. Here’s how to utilize them:

Spectrum Website:

Visit the official Spectrum website (spectrum.com). This online portal often provides information about channel lineups and the programming schedule.

Spectrum TV App:

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download the Spectrum TV app from your device’s app store. The app allows you to access the channel guide and view the schedule on your mobile device.

Sports or NFL Section:

Look for sections dedicated to sports or the NFL. These sections typically provide details about the games, including the Dallas Cowboys’ schedule and the corresponding channel.

Using Spectrum’s online resources can be a convenient way to quickly locate the channel number for the Dallas Cowboys game, especially if you’re away from your TV.

Contact Spectrum Customer Service

If, despite your best efforts, you’re still having difficulty finding the channel for the Dallas Cowboys game, there’s one final and reliable step to take: contacting Spectrum’s customer service.

The Spectrum customer support team is well-equipped to assist you in locating the exact channel number based on your specific subscription and location.

You can reach out to Spectrum customer service through various channels, such as phone, online chat, or by visiting a local Spectrum store.

When you get in touch with them, be sure to provide them with the game details, such as the opponent team and the scheduled time, to help them assist you more effectively.

Spectrum’s customer service is there to ensure you have a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience, so don’t hesitate to seek their assistance if needed.

How to Watch the Dallas Cowboys for Free: A Simple Guide

Are you eager to catch the Dallas Cowboys in action without breaking the bank? You’ll be thrilled to know that there are several ways to watch the Cowboys play for free. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you watch the games without spending a penny.

Local Over-the-Air Channels:

The first and most accessible method to catch the Dallas Cowboys for free is by using local over-the-air channels. FOX, CBS, and NBC often broadcast select NFL games, including some Dallas Cowboys matchups. A simple TV antenna is all you need to access these channels, letting you enjoy the games without a subscription.

NFL Mobile App:

The NFL offers a free mobile app that allows fans to watch live local and primetime games on their smartphones. By downloading the NFL app on your mobile device, you might be able to stream some Dallas Cowboys games without any fees.

Streaming Trials:

Consider signing up for streaming services that offer free trials. Platforms like fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV often provide trial periods. You can watch the Dallas Cowboys during the trial period without paying, but remember to cancel before the trial ends to avoid charges.

Official Team and League Websites:

The official Dallas Cowboys website and the NFL website might offer free content, including game highlights, analysis, and sometimes live streams. While you might not get the full live game experience, these platforms often provide exciting game updates and snippets without any cost.

Social Media Platforms:

Keep an eye on the Cowboys and NFL’s official social media accounts. They occasionally stream parts of games or provide live updates for free. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube might have free live streams or game highlights.

By utilizing these methods, you can catch the Dallas Cowboys’ games for free. Remember to explore local channels, utilize free trials, check official team and league websites, and keep an eye on social media for a cost-free Cowboys experience. Enjoy the game day excitement without spending a dime!


Finding the Dallas Cowboys game on Spectrum involves a few key steps, from checking the game schedule through official NFL or team websites to navigating Spectrum’s channel guide on your TV or via online resources.

Exploring sports-specific channels, using the search function, and leveraging Spectrum’s online tools can help locate the channel airing the game. If needed, reaching out to Spectrum’s customer service can provide tailored assistance.

Watching the Cowboys for free is possible via local over-the-air channels, the NFL mobile app, streaming service trials, official team and league websites, and social media platforms.

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Q: What should I do if I can’t find the Dallas Cowboys game on Spectrum?

A: Start by checking the game schedule on official NFL websites or the Dallas Cowboys’ official website. Then, navigate through the Spectrum channel guide, paying attention to sports channels like ESPN, CBS, NBC, FOX, and NFL Network. If you’re still having trouble, use Spectrum’s search function or contact their customer service for assistance.

Q: Can I watch the Cowboys game for free on Spectrum?

A: Spectrum itself may not offer free access to Cowboys games, but you can explore options like local over-the-air channels using a TV antenna, the NFL mobile app for certain games, or avail of free trials from streaming services that carry the games.

Q: What channel usually broadcasts Dallas Cowboys games on Spectrum?

A: Cowboys games are typically aired on major sports channels like ESPN, CBS, NBC, FOX, and occasionally on the NFL Network. The specific channel can vary based on the game schedule and your location.

Q: Is there a way to watch the Cowboys game online using Spectrum?

A: Spectrum offers an online portal and a TV app where you can access the channel guide and view schedules. However, for live streaming, you might need to explore other options like streaming services or the NFL mobile app.

Q: How can I find out if the Cowboys game is available in my Spectrum subscription?

A: Spectrum provides information about channel lineups on their website. You can also contact their customer service, providing game details like the opponent and scheduled time, to determine if the game is part of your subscription package.

Q: Are there any alternative methods to watch Cowboys games without a cable subscription on Spectrum?

A: Yes, apart from Spectrum, you can try local over-the-air channels, streaming services offering free trials, the NFL mobile app, or official team and league websites that might offer free content or live streams.

These FAQs should address common queries about finding the Dallas Cowboys game on Spectrum, helping fans navigate through the options available for catching the game-day action.

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